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Silvano Toti Globe Theatre | ESRA 2019 Conference

Credits: Marco Borrelli

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Since 2003 the Silvano Toti Globe Theatre has added to Rome’s crowded cultural agenda with its Shakespearean summer programme. Romans and visitors have acquired a habit of attending this outdoor playhouse from June to October to celebrate the vibrancy of a rich programme of Shakespeare plays in Italian translation, and enjoy a rewarding participatory theatrical experience. That a replica of an Elizabethan playhouse could be built in Italy’s capital city and in one of its historical parks, Villa Borghese’s garden, was an audacious idea by Gigi Proietti, a celebrated Roman actor, director and author, who is also its artistic director. The theatre was realized with the patronage of the Fondazione Silvano Toti and under the auspices of Walter Veltroni, Rome’s mayor at the time. Built in solid French oak wood with a maximum height of 10 meters, an internal diameter of 23 meters and an external diameter of 33 meters (the outer circumference being 100 meters), the Silvano Toti Globe Theatre in Rome can hold up to 1100 people and it is a unique performance space in the rich and variegated context of the Roman architectural landscape.

The Silvano Toti Globe Theatre is a partner of ESRA 2019 Conference.


directed by Loredana Scaramella
with Carlotta Proietti and Mauro Santopietro

A taste of Loredana Scaramella’s acclaimed production of La bisbetica domata (The Taming of the Shrew) set in the years immediately preceding the Second World War, when a company of Italian actors of the avanspettacolo puts on a play at the inn where a Fascist officer is staying for the night with his squad. The aim is, apparently, that of playing a joke on a drunken tinker with anarchist sympathies who is taught a lesson on how to tame women. Music, dances and Italian songs of the Thirties are added to Shakespeare’s translated text and its speculation on the fragile human condition.

This theatrical event is part of the ESRA 2019 Programme. The Conference badge will be needed in order to attend the event.

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